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Our Values

A portion of our profits go to providingclean water, micro-business opportunities and leadership development to underserved countries through our nonprofit Connexus Global

We desire to operate with honest and transparency and believe our customer service will show it!

We strive to offer superior products and second-mile service to our customers and suppliers

We promise to seek constant improvement through creative ways to offer the best products and value

About Us

Rodney and Paula Agan were given the opportunity to launch Home Power Direct as another revenue stream to fulfil their mission and vision of changing the world.

Rodney holds a PhD and is the Founder and CEO of Connexus Group, committed to Executive Coaching and Consulting businesses and top leaders.

Rodney spent the last 35 years leading non-profits, growing businesses and leading people. In that time he traveled to 14 countries serving other leaders.

He is also the Founder and President of Connexus Global non-profit. He spends much of his time giving-back by traveling, training and resourcing others in under-served countries.

Our Mission

To provide affordable, dependable resources to keep your home and business running effectively and efficiently and to steward our opportunities to help others.  

We partner with Connexus Global a non-profit committed to “Developing Leaders and Changing Lives Internationally” in under-served areas of the world.

A portion of our profits:

  • CLEAN WATER -Providing clean water to villages
    with little or no access to it
  • MICRO-BUSINESSES – Resourcing entrepreneurs to
    become self-sustainable
  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – Training and developing leaders to grow and succeed

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