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Condo EV Charging

As electric vehicles are becoming part of our daily lives, EV charging stations in condominiums will also become a very important sector to cover. EV charging stations for condos are a valuable asset that can add property value and that will also draw attention to the top quality renters who will be looking for an additional input to select their residence.

The Cyber Switching CSE11 electric car charging stations for condos can be the perfect addition to your building complex, giving your tenants a high quality smart EV charger that complies with OCPP protocol and that has a 99.98% uptime reliability.


The Benefits of Installing an EV Charger in Your Condo

Why You Need an EV Charger for Your Condo?

They say there is no place like home, and the truth is that there is no better place to charge your EV than at home. Adding condo EV charging stations to your property can increase the value of your condominium and can also make your EV charging experience more pleasant.

Besides, improve your time optimization by installing a condo charging station to charge your EV from the comfort and safety of your home while you are sleeping. Charging in a public charging station can take up to 1h or even more.

Additionally, save money by charging your vehicle with a condo charging station. Charging in a public charging station can represent twice the cost when compared to charging at the condominium under an off-peak TOU or a special electric vehicle rate schedule.

The next factor to consider is that level 2 EV charging stations for condos like the CSE11 provide a much better charging performance for your vehicle than constantly using a Direct Current Fast Charging station (or level 3 station). The reason is that the constant charge with high voltage and high current values from DCFC accelerates the derating process of the battery capacity over time. Meanwhile, when selecting a level 2 condo charging station, you will be charging your electric vehicle in AC with much lower current values, ensuring better performance for your vehicle on the long run.

We simplify the process of charging electric vehicles for condominiums

Thanks to Cyber Switching experience in the installation of electric car charging stations for condos, we have learned the importance of energy management implementation for this type of projects.

Hence we developed a unique solution in the market known as the EVMC that can potentially increase the number of CSE11 electric car charging stations for condominiums that you can install at your property by using the existing electrical infrastructure of the building.

This allows property managers (who already have built their buildings) to update their condos to include a much needed EV charger station without representing a major renovation process.