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Solar-Powered Home Generators- Will It Benefit Me?

11 minute read

Solar Powered Home Generators 1

One of the wonderful systems powered by the sun is Solar-Powered Home Generators. Though, no one has an idea how it works not only for the people but also for the surrounding areas. 

The use of the sun’s light and heat to generate renewable & green power is referred to as solar energy. Along with the demand for uprising solar energy-powered homes, amenities, and even buildings are rapidly growing in popularity, and so is the demand for stored, reusable, and renewable power. And all this is possible with a solar-powered home generator. 

As we know, solar-powered home generators intake power from the Sun. Solar panels work in tandem whereas there is no chance of electricity being produced without panels in the first place. Solar panels get energy from sunlight. Further, that energy absorbed by the Sun in solar powered generator draws that energy from the solar panels and later stores it in an internal storage system. 

Somesolar-powered home generators are portable and it gives you immense benefits when carrying & keeping renewable energy stored for any urgent situation.

Different parts of Solar-Powered Home Generators

To control, store and convert DC electricity to AC electricity, solar panels, batteries, and converters are put into use. The entire parts including the charge controller are designed to have a similar electricity rating just like the previous one supplying the power. There are few numbers of people who use solar-powered generators at camping sites. So, it must be portable. The solar panels will be smaller in comparison to what is used for other targets so that the solar generators can be carried anywhere and are manageable. 

A lithium-ion battery is used to store the power. The reason behind this is they last long and are available at an economical price point. On the other hand, the use of lead-acid batteries is also common.

 (Solar Panels on the roof of the brick home with window)

Solar-Powered Home Generators- How does it work?

Solar generators can facilitate off-grid energy, over extended periods only requiring the power of the sun and nothing else. For power generation, solar generators provide a green solution. In many scenarios, it can cause effectiveness or even more effectiveness as compared to propane or gas-powered generators. 

Solar generators work in a way by integrating a solar panel, charge controller, battery system, and an inverter into a compact system that can convert solar energy into a useful electrical current. To understand how solar generators function- here we will discuss each of the components solely. 

First comes-Battery: A solar generator needs to store the energy it acquires from the sun for you to use it at a later stage. The battery functions as a storage unit. 

Next isLithium: Since the year 2016, ion batteries have been put into use in a broad variety of solar generators on the market. Therefore, you can even implement less efficient lead acid batteries that are less costlier and more abundant as compared to lithium-ion technology. 

While looking at everything, lithium-ion batteries have significant benefits over lead acid batteries and we always recommend using lithium-ion batteries because they are safe and more reasonable in the long term. 

Charge Controller: The vital component of the solar generator, the charge controller has the main purpose to protect and promote the durability of the battery. Charging and discharging based on the particular type of battery and solar panel combination that you are using are the few benefits that charge controllers own. Charge controllers are pivotal to making the solar generator work as they balance the power dynamic between batteries and solar panels. 

Inverter:If you want to power your everyday household items, this component converts the low direct current (DC) from the battery to alternating current (AC). Appliances that need DC power can eventually do without the inverter as the electricity doesn’t require to get converted. 

Difference between Solar Power Home Generators & Gas Generators

Fuel generators might function in several previous instances mentioned before. However, they have a few disadvantages-

  • noisy
  • pollution
  • depends on fuel
  • heavy

When looking for yourself in an emergency such as a hurricane, flood, or blackout, it might be a little challenging for any sort of fuel source, this important renders your gas generators at no use. Well, the answer is one and only- solar energy is quite a few steps ahead of a fuel-powered generator in various key factors. 

Why Solar-Powered Home Generators are Essential?

A solar generator has the power to convert solar rays into energy that be used instantly or stored for later. Well, these are smaller and more portable solar systems for home use. And yet, they are more accessible and functional. On the other side, solar power home systems that use deep cycle batteries with the purpose to store energy can power your entire home. 


When investing in renewable power home upgrades, it is essential to go through the reviews of solar batteries. When buying a battery and the correct number of solar panels, it is also said to evaluate your home’s energy requirements. It is very essential though.

Solar generators are worthed when it comes to portable renewable power. You must consider investing in this eco-friendly power system. 


It has become very important to have backup power at your home. Every year, a high number of people from our population are depending on these technologies to live and stay connected with the rest of the people. 

Solar generations are not only implemented to power smaller appliances such as medium-sized refrigerators, fans, and air conditioners but they are also very beneficial to facilitate backup power for severe medical systems like CPAP machines and other at-home monitors.

(Solar panel on the roof of the house- renewable)

Benefits of Using Solar-Powered Home Generators

Solar-powered home generators are considered to be the vast modern environmentally friendly alternative, to what is now being filled through fossil-driven portable generators. You can carry them with you anywhere and require very low maintenance. However, the question arises- are they worthed to buy for? Do they benefit you in long run or produce the energy that you require? 

Well, the answer is here. Portable solar generators facilitate the following advantages- 

  • Saves money

  • No need to use fuel

  • No fumes

  • No noise

  • Low maintenance

  • Get rid of the need to interact with hardware and potential hazards. Ie fuels, hot surfaces, noise.

Portable Solar Generator Saves You Money


If you always wished to have solar panels get installed in your home, but get to know the commitment to make an investment in a big amount of money and bring out the lifestyle change to renewable energy for your home is high, then thesolar-powered home generatoris an ideal way to start. 

The portable solar generator of Linked Group size even permits you to save electricity and expenses at an unbelievably big scale. With the implementation of and usage of your portable solar generator at home for your business or any project you are working on, every 1000 watts generated through the system could save you about $4000 every year if it produced this amount of power every day. 

Using a portable solar generator even saves time and money on refueling where the generator is importantly re-fuelled through the sun. Even if it doesn’t require so much effort from an individual for further maintenance.

How to Choose Right Solar-Powered Home Generators

 A robust solar-powered generator for the home includes in-built batteries that charge from the AC power from the solar panels. 

Regardless of if you have an on-grid or an off-grid solar power system, harsh weather conditions can deprive you of a power supply at unpredictable times. 

Important Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Portable Solar Generator

Before you buy a solar-powered home generator, consider the following factors:

  1. Power need

For charging laptops or mobile phones, if you need a solar power generator, a low-power home generator is perfect. Therefore, you will require a hefty-powered generator to run a cooler or a heater. To choose a solar generator, you first require to determine your needs. 

  1. Capacity & Capability 

The measuring unit “Watts” showcases the capacity of a solar power generator. It depicts to watt hour or Wh when implemented to power usage. Checking out the power usage in this way will help you determine the capacity of an ideal solar-powered generator for your requirements. 

  1. Capacity Uncountability 

Solar generators with expandable capacity are the best option if you are uncertain ad afraid of the power requirements. You must also always know whether thesolar powered home generator exists with a potentially expandable power capacity. 

  1. Brand reputation

This is highly important!

Well-recognized brands of solar power generators make sure they provide and sell quality and offer a good warranty for the same. This gives assurance about the reliability and performance of the product.

  1. Charging ports

In the current times, people keep and hold numerous electronic systems that need frequent recharging. To meet this need, you must choose asolar-powered home generator with several charging ports. 

  1. Charging speed

A portablesolar-powered home generator normally charges at a low speed. Therefore, few brands facilitate fast-charging generators. If you want to save time charging your system, you should go for fast-charging generators.

  1. Portability 

Size is another essential factor in picking up a solar power generator. It must be ideal to meet your particular power needs.

Solar Cells Life in a park

Why Should you Buy Solar-Powered Home Generators?

One of the best and most amazing solar-powered home generators is powered by the Sun. It functions in tandem with solar panels since, without panels, no electricity will be generated in the first place. 

Solar panels acquire energy from sunlight. Further, a solar-powered generator draws that energy from the solar panels and stores it in an internal storage device. These are portable and can be carried anywhere, you need not worry about not carrying them along with you. And, this is one of the most beneficial concepts of this solar power generator. 

Campers and hikers find this device or system beneficial. 

The clean source of power, solar-powered generators demands less maintenance whereas fuel-powered generator asks for more. However, a fuel-powered generator has fewer moving pieces. Luckily, a fuel-powered generator requires a continued purchase of fuel and in a solar-power generator, you don’t need to continue purchasing fuel like gas to run it. There is no additional purchase of the solar-powered generator after the final purchase. Solar-powered generators are easy to set up and you can take them with you anywhere you want. Eleven if you are going camping or outdoor activities, they are an ideal system for you to get power. 

The objective of any generator is not meant to power your home for a long period. It is said to be served as a backup unless and until your power is back on. You will need to take into account the size of your home, your electricity needs, and the available sunlight in your area when looking at a solar generator for your home. 

They can be useful as a backup power source while you might not require a solar-powered home generator. Specifically, if you live in an area prone to power quantity. It doesn’t need any fuel so you need not worry about high gas prices or any kind of shortages. You can even power your home without fuel. 

Solar-powered home generatorsare not meant to be mixed up with the solar panel system that you often observe on the rooftops of houses. As a complete solar panel, solar-powered home generators are smaller and do not offer the same capacity. However, they take a bit of time to charge and have limited capacity to keep in the energy. Well, they are best used for camping and temporary power needs. 

So, if you are looking for a solar-powered home generator or spending much time looking for the ideal one- solar-powered is the best option for you! 

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