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Solar-Powered Portable Generators

Solar-Powered Portable Generators

11 minute read

Solar-Powered Portable Generators

The world's job trends are shifting towards remote work. A study by Becker Friedman Institute for Economics can witness this shift. The study reveals that by the end of 2025, over 22% of the American workforce will be remote. And with this shift, there is a gradual increase in outdoor camping and travel, eventually bulging the dependence on portable energy sources. While there are various options for portable energy, solar-powered portable generators are the best and most efficient. 

Solar-powered portable generators


Solar-powered portable generators are ascending the market of portable energy sources. Their demand is continuously increasing as they are portable, easy to use, and highly effective in their shelf life. The article will briefly discuss the different dimensions of the need for portable solar generators, their pros and cons, and the effective usage of solar-powered portable generators.


What are Solar-Powered Portable Generators?

The solar-powered portable generators function alongside solar panels to harness the sun's energy. They are efficient energy sources for all your appliances, devices, and anything that uses electricity to function. Their use could be multi-dimensional, during your camping, road trips, and in homes to cut your energy bills and to supply power during power outages.  


In portable solar generators, the sunlight is captured through foldable solar panels. The energy then passes through the charge controller and is converted to direct current to store in the battery.

The use of solar-powered portable generators is perfect in many ways. Besides being environmentally friendly and free from noise pollution, they don't produce harmful fumes. Lastly, their easy transport makes them a perfect companion for power supply.


Why do you need a solar-powered portable generator?

A portable solar generator could be a life savior in multiple conditions. Suppose you are living in a society vulnerable to power outages, or you are a travel worker. In that case, solar generators can help you with your devices charged and your electric appliances running.


There is a difference between a backup and an efficient backup like solar-powered portable generators. They are suitable for the environment, easy to keep, use, and carry, and also friendly to your pocket.


Solar generators are available in a diverse variety. No matter why you need a portable solar backup, research a bit, and you will find a perfect match.


Why prefer solar-powered portable generators over traditional gas generators?

Multiple reasons can be stated to debate the efficiency of portable solar generators over traditional gas generators. The first and foremost preference is that they only need a one-time investment. They only require sun rays to provide you with power backup. They can also store energy to back up power when no solar radiation is available. This makes them an excellent choice for areas where access to other fuel sources is costly and difficult.


As you turn on the gas generator, they start consuming gas. And the gas consumption will be the same, whether you are charging a cell phone or supporting a refrigerator. Belie to this solar generator's energy is free and output is accordingly to devise needs.


Finally, gas generators emanate toxic fumes and noise during their functioning, impacting the environment and surroundings, while solar generators are quiet and do not exhale harmful chemicals.


How to set up a solar-powered portable generator?

There is a diverse range of portable solar generators available in the market. Once you select the perfect device, the setup process is relatively easy.


The safest and best way to set up a portable solar generator is by employing a transfer switch. They act as a bridge between your solar backup and electrical devices. A diverse range of these switches is available in the market with different functions, but somehow achieving the same goal. 


Besides connecting your solar backup to your home, they are also critical for managing power utilization. They give you control to cut the power supply of any unneeded circuit, further enhancing power saving. Their role is more crucial in emergencies, where your priorities are only light and food appliances.


Transfer switches are mainly of three types. To better understand the functioning of each switch, here is a detailed discussion of each. 


What are automatic transfer switches for portable solar generators?

As can be guessed from their name, these switches will automatically start the stored power flow whenever they detect a power outage. They have high popularity among consumers whose priority is reliability.


With very little intervention, they are also liable to switch off automatically once the grid power is back. The only downside is their high price tags, which are significantly greater than other switches.


What are manual transfer switches for portable solar generators?

The manual sub-power switch is the best replacement for automatic transfer switches at low prices. The only drawback of these switches is that they lack automation, and individuals must operate them manually.

Its suitability depends on the individual's needs and pocket size. Though their operations are not as smooth as automatic switches, they can still be the best option where power outages occur only occasionally. 


What is the use of breaker interlock connectors in portable solar generators?

These are the most famous, flexible, and cheap switches to use in portable solar generators. 


Breaker interlock allows you to choose devices and appliances to run on solar backups. Their best feature is their built-in amp meter, which prevents overloading. With very easy to use, their fame is understandable.


How to recharge your solar-powered portable generators?

Solar panels' dependence on the sun for recharging is their most famous attraction —an attraction in the sense that they do not need any fossil fuel and only totally free sun rays. The energy absorbed by solar panels is directly proportional to their direction toward the sun. To harness the best possible benefits, ensure your solar panels are heading toward the sun.


The additional benefits portable solar panels offer are they can be charged by the sun and grid power. This dual capability effectively boosts charging speed and makes their functioning more effective.

What is the average charging speed of solar-powered portable generators?

An average solar generator can be fully charged within 48 hours with the help of solar panels. However, numerous variables affect the charging speed. 


The more surface area of solar panels means more capturing of sunlight and fast charging. In this regard, the size of the solar generator also matters. Small generators have limited input capacity, so charging time for large generators with high input capacity is less than for small generators.

 solar-powered portable generators

The intensity of sunlight is also a factor that affects the charging speed of solar-powered portable generators. In a cloudy environment, the sun's rays are not effective as in a no-clouded environment. Thus the generators take more time to recharge in cloudy conditions than in a clear sky.


What are the key points for the maintenance of solar-powered portable generators?

Solar generators are expensive compared with traditional gas generators. Thus, their maintenance is necessary to increase their shelf life. With proper maintenance, their output also increases. Here are some crucial points to consider about maintaining your portable solar generators.

  • Charge effectively: An aim to keep the charging between 50-70% could be best for your generator. A complete discharge and recharge are also recommended after every six months.
  • Cleanliness is essential: Though solar generators provide clean energy, surroundings dust can still make them dirty, damaging their part's effectiveness. Thus, weekly or biweekly cleanliness is essential.
  • Overheating can damage your solar generator: Overheating is not a common damaging factor in solar generators. But without proper ventilation, overheating could be an issue. So make sure to put your generators in a well-ventilated place to avoid encountering such problems.
  • Avoid the wet environment: Solar panels are kept outside to get the best possible benefits from sun rays, and their health is not affected much by any environment. But the generators are electrical devices, and moisture could worse affect their working. So it's better to wrap them in plastic bags to ban moisture entry.

Is buying a solar-powered portable generator worth it?

The purpose of solar-powered portable generators is to provide you with power backup when you are away from home. Or sometimes at home when there is a power outage. While searching for a perfect-fit solar generator, consider your power needs, budget, and sunlight availability in your area.


While you are not prone to too much travel or power outages, solar generators could also be effective in cutting your energy bills. As they do not need any fuel to carry out their functions, you can use them to replace grid power, eventually cutting your electricity bills.


Solar generators are attached to solar panels to capture and store energy. The number of solar panels can also be increased or decreased depending on your needs. Since they are environment-friendly, portable, and have no extra charges, it is wise to invest in solar-powered portable generators.

Can a solar-powered portable generator power a house?

The straight answer is yes. But the answer has multiple domains to discuss in detail. As various portable solar generators are available in the market, everyone has a different capacity to produce power. Considering your home energy needs and acting accordingly can help you power your house with a solar generator.

Solar generators' most satisfying feature is that additional solar panels can be added to meet the power demands. But every generator has specific input and output power limitations.

However, the larger the generator is, the more input and output power it can cultivate. So it's good to consider generator needs before buying, whether you need a generator solely for travel purposes or want to convert your home appliance to solar power. 

To power a house with a solar generator, a probe about the peak power and continuous power is also necessary before buying.


Important questions before buying solar panels for solar-powered portable generators?

Portable solar generators are an excellent investment. And solar panels, being their vital part, are essential to recharge solar generators. Portable solar panels are beneficial in many ways. They are easy to carry, have small price tags, and help curtail carbon footprints and minimize your budget expenditure. However, before buying a solar panel, it's essential to inquire about some questions that include:


How much power can they provide?

The most crucial consideration while buying a solar panel is its power output. It also depends on your power backup needs. For example, while camping outside, you need a high-voltage panel; at home, a solar panel with low power-yielding capacity could also get your work done.  


However, solar panels with low capacity are more beneficial. They are cheap and can provide enough power to support power backup for your everyday use devices. Further, consultation with an expert can help you to select the best option according to your needs.


How long can they last?

Solar panels require a significant first investment. So it's crucial to investigate their expected shelf life. The expected life of solar panels varies from a few years to 25 years, depending on their brand and composition. However, Monocrystalline silicon panels are the best option available. They are more expensive than others but have an outstanding life expectancy of 20-25 years.


Are they have a good bend angle?

The bend angle is an important feature of solar panels. This determines how much sunlight a solar panel can capture. Solar panels with high bend angles are recommended to effectively capture sunlight in areas with low sunlight.

What about their weight and dimensions?

Before opting for a specific solar panel, it's good to inquire about its weight. Weight is an essential feature in carrying solar panels. The more weight they have, the more challenging it is to carry them. 

Usually, all solar panels have low-weight, but some could be bulky. So it's wise to inquire about their weights. 


Solar-powered portable generators are versatile and useful systems to help you with your power backup issues. From camping outsides to helping with home chores, they provide free and environmentally friendly power. Shop today to make a shift towards a better and green future.


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